About Us

Солар Енерджі Інвестментс Україна

LLC (Limited Liability Company) "Solar Energy Investments Ukraine"(SEI Ukraine) was founded in 2015. 
The company is mainly engaged in projecting, construction and operation of power plants using alternative sources of energy (ASE/ASoE). 
Solar Energy Investments Ukraine team is highly qualified with professionals who have an extensive experience in renewable energy and power sector. 
Our specialists in ASE are dealing with following tasks: 
•    Evaluation of effectiveness of use of ASE; 
•    Development of possible projects; 
•    Selection and installation of equipment; 
•    Building and operation of power plants; 
•    Interaction with other entities of the power sector. 
Our company had started construction of 900 kW solar power plant (SPP) "Boryspil-1", based at Boryspil, Ushakova Street, 21 back in 2016, and its operation commenced in 2017. 
Taking into account average annual rates of solar radiation annual volume of electricity produced by SSP has totalled 1220 000 kWh. 
The team of SSP consists of 5 employees. 

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